Window Mount Ventilation

These fans are easily mountable to exhaust\air through a glass plate. An added advantage is its easy installation, which can be don indoors by just one person. It means you save on the installation cost.

Rainproof & Wind Resistant

1- Hood structure for prevention of rain water ingression

2- High static pressure blade can prevent ingression of rain & wind during operation

3- Newly design of shutter can keep out entry of rain water effectively

4- Bent End Structure of the shutter can block the backflow of outside wind


Easy Installation

1- Mounting Bracket: Unique design of mounting bracket can fix the fan on glass plate with simple process

2- FV-15WH3: Orifice is not necessory to detach for installation. Simply fix the fan on glass plate by screws at front

3- Packing No Gasket, No Silicon Seal: Attached packing tightly closed to the glass plate that gets rid of water leakage to indoor

4- Previous Setting Method: Both silicon seal & gasket are not required

High Adaptability

New mounting design allows the fan to be fixed on glass plate of thickness from 3mm up to 25mmwith ease.
Applicable Glass Thickness : 3mm ~ 25mm

Double Glass: Often called insulated glass, this kind of glass constructed of two panes of glass set apart to allow airspace in between. This airspace acts as a buffer which obstructs the transfer of heat
from one side of the glass to the other


• Condenser motor with thermo cut-off
• Lubricated sintered bush for long-life operation
• High performance propeller fan adopted
• Electrically operated shutter
• Front louver attached

Operation Manual