Window Mount Ventilation

These fans are easily mountable to exhaust\air through a glass plate. An added advantage is its easy installation, which can be don indoors by just one person. It means you save on the installation cost.

Electric Auto Shutter

Shutter will open by air pressure – controlled by switch. New design of the shutter can keep out unwanted views

Easy Maintenance

Easy Unscrew mechanism to remove the blade

Advanced Blade Design

High air volume. Low noise level
Leading Edge forms no obstacle to airflow that streamlines airflow from every direction
Air Foil Chip is to reduce turbulence at rear edge, and curvature of the front edge is improved for smooth airflow that minimizes fan noise as well


• Automatic shutter
• High performance condenser motor with thermo cut-of
• Well lubricated bearing for long-life operation
• Propeller fan incorporated with advance blade design
• Removable blade for easy maintanance

Operation Manual